Apophyllite Points by Sage and Synergy

Apophyllite points are hard to find. They are the same points you find on larger Apophyllite specimen. You can put them in your crystal grids; meditate with them or put them in your window. You can also use these for jewelry and wire wrapping.

Apophyllite points are used to activate the crown chakra, which opens the door for spiritual development and connection to Spirit Guides and your Higher Self. By working with Apophyllite, you will significantly strengthen your consciousness. During astral travel or remote viewing, it will help you stay grounded in this world while you journey to another. In it’s own way, it acts as a anchoring cord to hang onto here, while you venture out to other dimensions.

Other tips for working with Apophyllite:

  • Firefighters should carry this crystal, as it’s cool, spiritual vibe offers a layer of protection against fire.
  • To bring a sense of peace and purity to a room or space, place several in a crystal grid, in that space.
  • Meditate with Apophyllite resting on your third eye to enhance psychic visioning, or clairvoyance.

Apophyllite has a Moh’s hardness of 4.5 – 5, so as tempting as it may be, you probably should keep this beauty out of the water. To cleanse it, a simple pass thru some sage smoke will do. Or you can try one of the two of my favorite methods of cleansing: sound and/ or flower petals.

This mineral comes in a variety of colors, however; clear is the easiest to find out of them all. The second easiest is green. Other colors it’s known to have are: gray and brown. Even more rare to find is pink, purple, red, or orange Apophyllite. I really should take pictures of my personal Apophyllite, because I have both clear with a little pink in it, as well as a green Apophyllite. Perhaps another day. 

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