Blue Tiger’s Eye, is also known as “Hawk’s Eye” or “Falcon’s Eye”. It is a deep blue color, with all the shimmery delight of Tiger’s Eye in between.

This mineral activates the throat and third eye chakras. It is perfect if you are looking to reduce your stress level and reach a calm mood, as well as, a balance of contrasting energies (i.e. Yin/ Yang, male/ female, outward flow of energy/ inward flow of energy, etc). When you work with this crystal, you will possess a flexible and adaptable mentality and be relieved of any fears and phobias- so take this crystal to the dentist with you! (joking, but not joking! lol) If you fear public speaking, Blue Tiger’s Eye is monumentally helpful to you. As stated above, it coordinates with the throat chakra. But because it also is helpful in diminishing phobias, this is the perfect crystal if you have a public speaking event, or a briefing or presentation you are dreading to give.

If psychic development is what you are working on, carry and/ or wear this crystal. it will assist you in developing stronger psychic visions, as well as, assist you in astral projection and remote viewing.

When I hold a Blue Tiger’s Eye, I feel a very smooth energy. It comes on evenly and holds a steady energy throughout the the duration of the meditation. I find myself feeling emotionally grounded and even. If you are highly sensitive to crystals and have a difficult time with the more intense ones, this would be a fantastic crystal to add to your collection, as it is easy to work with.If you are interested in owning a Blue Tiger’s Eye of your own, please visit my Etsy shop. I’ll make sure to get it out to you promptly so that you can begin working with it as soon as possible.


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