Blue Lace Agate possesses a soothing appearance. The color is light blue, so they are often used in throat chakra healing (blue is the color that corresponds to the throat chakra.). The energy is sweet, calm, and soothing. If your energy is feeling excessively amped, angry, or anxious, Blue Lace Agate will be that release of pressure you are looking for. Additionally, this is a great stone for people who are hypersensitive to crystal energy. If you find that some stones come on a little too strongly, try some Blue Lace Agate. Its vibe comes on very gently and evenly.

You can either hold it in contemplation or meditation to get guidance from beings in the higher realm (i.e. spirit guides, angels, higher self) or you can wear it as a pendant around your neck to help you with communicating most effectively and clearly, with peace. Animals love this stone, as they are very sensitive to crystal energy and find it easier to take in than other, more intense stones. 

If you are interested in seeing what Blue Lace Agate looks like in raw form, just as it was pulled out of the Earth, you can purchase one in my shop here.

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