I was introduced to the world of essential oils a couple years ago and discovered all the different ways to infuse the oils into your life. I began making an oil diffuser necklace as a custom order for a friend. I made one for myself too and from there, started making them to put in the shop. Since then, they have become one of my top sellers.

A common question I get about them is how to use them. It’s very easy… 

1. Open the locket, put a soft, natural pad inside the locket 

2. Add 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil to the pad

3. Wear the necklace or hang it on your rear view mirror in your car. 

You will get a periodic whiff of the oil, to assist you in whatever type of healing you are inducing to your world or ailments your are trying to relieve

.…Back to the “soft, natural pad inside the locket…”. You can use any soft, natural, material inside the locket that absorbs the oils into itself. Materials I have tried are: clay discs, cotton, felt, any fabric, wood, etc…etc…etc. 

Depending on the mtype of material used, the diffuser will hold its potency for a day or two. I’ve also heard some people say up to 3 days potency. 

An additional use of diffuser jewelry is for wearing oil perfume. Rather than risk the oils touching your clothing, you wear a piece of oil diffuser jewelry that keeps the oil off your skin and clothing.

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