Obsidian is one of my most favorite stones for grounding and seeking the truth to difficult times. It is infamous in its great power and speedy effectiveness in surfacing unhealthy behavior patterns/ causes of undesirable situations so that you can face them, move beyond then and grow towards love, calmness, and acceptance. When working with it, you MUST take into account, its strength in bringing the truth to the surface and be prepared prior for dealing with the negativity. Otherwise, you could find yourself re-experiencing a whole lotta trauma and anxiety and never truly healing.I

In addition, all Obsidian types will reveal the cold, hard facts but will remain your loyal and steady “rock” to lend a supportive hand while you work towards your goals. Consider it a bit of tough love. It’ll bring you an awakening like you’ve never experienced, but it will also shield you against negativity.  

Silver Velvet/ Silver Sheen Obsidian aids in enhancing the effects of meditation and mirrors your inner being. It will help you with developing patience in. Its appearance will captivate your senses and vitalize the purpose of your soul. It possesses a gorgeous velvety, rich, grey appearance visible from a distance and a polished glow. However, at a closer view, you will become mesmerized by the striations, glossy shine, and velvety sheen. It is naturally so full of the silver obsidian color that it does not have to catch the light any certain way to see it; you’ll see it from all angles. 

Working with a large sized piece is EXTREMELY effective is blocking out geopathic stress. Keep it by your bedside to draw out all your mental stress and tension acquired throughout the day. Occasionally, rinse it under running water to wash away the soaked up low vibration energy and revitalize with fresh, clean energy.