I don’t hear many people talking about Angelite. I’m not really sure why this is, whether it’s just the people around me just aren’t that into what Angelite has to offer or if they are just over the mineral. I’ve known about Angelite since the beginning of my certified crystal healer journey. It was one of my first favorites. I tend to be very attracted to the stones that either connect with angels or end in “ite”.Just in a visual aspect, their color alone is very calming and trusting. The color blue normally has a cooling effect, but I get a very warm feeling when I hold Angelite. Similar to the warmth I feel in a reiki session. The energy is soft, soothing but strong. Not so strong it gets uncomfortable though. What I mean is “strong”, like a grandmothers love. It’s astrong, loving energy we never forget.  

 For me, the best form of this stone is tumbled. It makes it easy to carry around in your pocket (or bra!). You can make mojo bags out of them or just have them sitting on your alter for easy access. They combine easily with all stones, however; I like to combine mine with clear quartz or some selenite. (As I write this, I’m getting called to combine it with some Moldavite. I’ll have to try that a little later.)When I need to connect with an Archangel, spirit guide, or even a departed loved one, I have an Angelite in each hand. I also use it for when I need some tension relief or know prior that I’m entering a possible stressful situation. Lastly but definitely NOT least, this stone is wonderful for communicating with animals or developing your telepathy skills. Jep, my cat, loves his piece of Angelite and I use it to connect with my pets regularly. 

 If you are like me and have a wonky throat chakra, try some crystal healing with Angelite. Personal story, I’ve had my tonsils and my thyroid taken out as a result of my stubborn throat chakra and it is still not uncommon for me to have a sore throat or laryngitis. So you guessed right if you think I get a lot of use out of this mineral. You can also use this on your crown chakra to open up the channel to your higher self or beyond or even try to get rid of a headache you might be experiencing. Other physical ailments you can use Angelite for is circulation problems, heart function, and infectious diseases (i.e. hepatitis, Lyme disease, the flu, norovirus, herpes, chickenpox, etc.) **Disclaimer: This disclaimer applies to all information on this site & in all my products. Crystal healing & therapy should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It’s not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside with it. The information contained herein is metaphysical in nature & does not claim to heal or cure. *

*Caring for your Angelite is easy. Just run it through some incense or sage smoke or use a singing bowl to clear stagnant energy out of it. Or you can place it near some Selenite to cleanse and recharge it. I tried once to cleanse my very first pieces of Angelite stones with some salt water and my lovelies began to disintegrate. So, a word of caution…don’t do that! The stones still work but they were very badly damaged in the process.