Sage and Synergy offers amazing gifts and products for body, mind and spirit!

All my life, I have been intrigued with crystals, art, animals and nature. As a child, I was sensitive to spirits, animals, as well as, the healing energies of plants, stones and the solar system. In 2012, I began crafting talisman, amulets and anything that supported spiritual journeying, empowerment and/ or natural healing. It was only a hobby and gifts for friends. But when people started offering me money for these things, naturally, I decided to open up my own Etsy shop. My goal is to build an empowering community that lends support, inspiration and wisdom.

Sage and Synergy is an independently maintained home-based business. All of my products are stored, hand selected or created within sacred space regularly cleansed of negative energy and surrounded by positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, crystals and magickal items, even those that are here only temporarily.

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